Meeting timelines and budget is critical to any successful project. Material and long lead equipment delivery has one of the largest cost and time impacts on project schedule. Hours of planning can go wrong if adequate level of follow up on project materials is not undertaken. VCS offers expediting services to its clients who are desirous of monitoring the status of the delivery at specific stages of manufacturing. The following activities are included as part of expediting:

  • Following up on production plans
  • Identifying delays and reviewing cause- effect with other suppliers
  • Exploring and recommending measures
  • Identifying issues and escalating decision requirements
  • Field and desk expediting
  • Supplier performance rating
  • Monitoring dispatch of material in line with delivery schedule
  • Reporting

VCS has experienced personnel who are fully conversant with various aspects of expediting. VCS has successfully expedited the supply of various items like compressor packages, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, pumps, line pipes, valves, fittings & flanges, scrubbers, separators in India for clients like Shell, Bechtel, Qatar Petroleum, PDO, Indian Oil Petronas Limited, SNC Lavalin, Goro Nickel Australia, GAIL, Toyo Engineering etc. In several cases the timely information regarding the likely bottlenecks and envisaged delays enabled the clients to avert delays and save costs

VCS, being an inspection services provider is mindful of the need to manage the potential conflict of interest when undertaking expediting services. The following are the measures that VCS implements on expediting assignments to fully mitigate conflict of interest:

  • The inspection and expediting personnel are independent of each other i.e. the personnel assigned for inspection are not assigned for expediting activities on the same assignment, either desk or field expediting.
  • The expediting personnel are not assigned for inspection in the same client premise for any on-going inspection assignment, thus ensuring they do not influence the inspection of the products.
  • Expediting services are provided to the clients and the reports are submitted to the procurement team and or the project team who coordinate with VCS’s expediting personnel. Inspection personnel assigned at the vendor locations report to the quality control function in the client organisation, thus ensuring there is no overlap or influence of one activity over the other.
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