Construction Management Assistance
Clients across industry sectors are integrating traditional inspection services with construction project management assistance/ supervision thus tapping into the larger professional experience of VCS due to our sound understanding of the construction sequence and complexities from construction through to commissioning and handover of facilities. By way of adopting this approach, the clients achieve the following from a single window solution:

  • An independent organisation supervising the construction activities as per clients project objectives thereby ensuring that the all construction fronts are delivered as per the schedule and periodic reporting is made directly to the client.
  • Ensure that inspection, QA/QC requirements and interventions are aligned with the construction schedule, thus ensuring effective use of resources in the project.
  • Since an outside organisation represents the client’s project, this allows all interested parties in the project to objectively analyse the construction progress ensuring completion of projects with the intended quality, budget and in time.
  • Ensuring that all engineering disciplines involved in the construction supervision provide technical advisory, purely in line with the project requirement, thereby assuring desired level of technical control.

By representing the Client, VCS does not assume the role of a construction company, neither does it sets specifications and standards for construction. VCS simply provides skilled and competent resources to manage the client’s project requirements through construction supervision and QA/QC services, purely on behalf of the client. Thus, there exists no conflict of interest on the basis of the following actions that are undertaken by VCS in the capacity of being a representative of the client:

  • VCS is not a construction company and does not undertake construction activities.
  • VCS does not prepare project specifications, designs, drawings and the likes- All such information is provided by the client; VCS may be engaged by the client for undertaking independent review and provide technical advisory.
  • VCS reviews the construction procedures, quality plans and HSE plans submitted by contractors appointed by the client;
  • VCS assesses the progress of work and ensures adequate reporting as per client requirements. This involves independent review of tasks, bill of quantities that confirms the progress achieved to allow client to make appropriate decisions.
  • Client is responsible for technical change management and approval; while VCS provides independent technical interpretation directly to the client throughout the duration of the project.
  • VCS project QA/QC team represents the clients directly and ensures that project quality objectives are met with by way of monitoring and assessment of compliance by constructors.

VCS provides construction supervision and QA/QC services to infrastructure and hydrocarbon projects including cross country oil/gas transportation pipeline networks with associated terminal facilities. Construction Supervision and Inspection team composition are dictated by the Client. VCS ensures that such services are provided to client’s satisfaction.


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